Pannel System Division

Complex types of sandwich panels for walls and roofs



Quality Attestations

  • Pannelli System has obtained the new European certifications SBI in compliance to the law UNI EN 13501- 1:2007+A1:2009, therefore the panels with PU foam core (PUR) System PRT and System COP have been assigned to different levels of certifications of reaction to fire: Bs2dO – Bs3dO – Cs3dO. An important result has been obtained also for the panels produced with PIR (polyisocyanurate) polyurethane foam, obtaining the classification Bs2dO.
    Recently another important result has been reached in the field of fire reaction, obtaining the classification to reaction to fire Broof (T3) in compliance to the method of UNI 13501-5:2009 – EN 13501-5 + A1:2005.
  • In accordance to the law EN 14509:2006, Pannelli System has obtained the certificate of conformity CE n°CPD/0497/3349/09 in order to label with the mark CE the materials in polyurethane foam called System PRT and System COP.
  • In accordance to the law UNI EN 1364-1:2000, the panel produced with PIR (polyisocyanurate) polyurethane foam has obtained a classification of fire resistance equal to 30’ (EI 30).
  • For thermal insulation we mean the thermal flow exchange between 2 different environments. All the Pannelli System products, have thermal conductivity values for the insulation expressed with the unit of measure lambda D (alfadesign) and values of thermal transmission “U” for sandwich panels expressed in Wm2K.