System MNR Fibra

  • System MNR FIBRA in mineral wool with oriented fibres.
  • The value of mineral wool panels lies in their non-combustibility and excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, combined with a low environmental impact.
  • 100% certified, from reaction to fire class 0-1 to all R.E.I. fire resistance certifications and soundproofing and acoustical absorption certifications.
  • European SBI certification according to standard UNI EN 13501-1:2002, classified with a fire reaction A2 s1 D0.
  • For the fire resistance classification of construction elements and products, Pannelli System has already passed the test for obtaining new certifications, according to standard UNI EN 13501-2:2007. To date, our certified panels include: System MNR FIBRA EI30 - EI45 - EI60 - EI90 - EI120 - EI180.
  • Ideal for construction of sheds, prefabricated buildings, partition walls, industrial kilns and civil and industrial soundproofing elements.


Technical information