Made in Italy Produced in the Czech Republic

Piva Group S.p.A. is an important and dynamic industrial company specialized in the production of windows, doors and panels based in Italy, Spain, North America and the Czech Republic.



Windows, doors and panels

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Piva Group S.p.A.’s continuous search for excellence forces us every day to improve the quality of our work guided by clear values.

Since the 1980s Piva Group S.p.A has offered customers modern, flexible, products, creative design from the very start of each project, and the exceptional quality.

Products are also given the ISO 9001 certification and CE mark for European market and the top certification for US and Australian market, in conformity with the highest technical standards of our times.

Entrepreneurship, commitment and dedication, and close relations between the Piva family and management on a business and personal level have made Piva Group S.p.A. what it is today: an excellent company that produces windows and doors in vinyl and alluminium for residential sector for European, US and Australian market; aluminium and PVC windows (modular housing units, insulated units, pre-fabricated boxes, etc.), for mobile homes and bungalows buildings all over the world. Mondial Infissi TM division makes windows and doors for the prefabrication and mobile homes.

Piva Group:
think global, act local

Quality & Stability
High Speed production
Financial strenght & Market adaptation
Attitude for relationship management and customer satisfaction
Customer oriented tecnhical solutions


Made in Italy

The Italian art of producing and customizing is expressed clearly and precisely in our products.


Piva Group, within its sector, has combined tradition with innovation, the cornerstones of Worldwide Italian Excellence.

Our Italian products reflect the Italian know-how that distinguishes us on world markets and becomes a symbol of craftsmanship, creativity and quality.

The new production facility in Zlin

Piva Okna handle the West Market in cooperation with Italian production. The production facility boasts of modern and last generation technologies like invisible welding and other innovations.

A strategic plant and logistic for West and North European market (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Norway)

More than 1.300 doors and windows / day on group level

30 years of experience for the new production facilities

Flexibility of solutions, because of the integration with other international PivaGroup facilities


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Piva Group odštěpný závod v CZ
Tř. Tomáše Bati 283
763 02 Zlín
Phone +420 739 056 006

Operating Headquarters and Legal headquarter
Via Roma, 139 - 37060 Roncanova di Gazzo Veronese (VR), Italy
Phone: +39 0442 536111
E-mail: pivagroupspa@pec.it
P.I./C.F. e R.I. VR 03427790237
Cap.Soc. € 7.000.000 i.v.