MD System

Modern design for prefabricated buildings available with and without a fitted roller shutter

Doors and windows, in the field of prefabricated buildings, are an essential building element, ensuring brightness, allowing ventilation of rooms and entry of sunlight, and defining the relationship between internal and external spaces.

With MD, the Piva Group, which has always shown a particular concern for environmental sustainability, proposes high-performance windows, with PassiveHouse certification, fully embracing a “green” and “zero energy consumption” philosophy.


Technical information


What makes MD System unique

The MD System is a unique and innovative system with 3 gaskets and an L- or Z-shaped 7 chamber frame with a thickness of 115.5 mm and a sash thickness of 76 mm, available with internal and external fitting and up to 48 mm glass panel thickness (including triple glazing).
MD is the perfect window for prefabricated buildings that require the highest performance standards in terms of air, water and wind resistance, while also caring for the aesthetic aspect thanks to a modern and angular design.
(*) Other advantages of this system are the reinforced sash to improve glass panel stability and the option of including EPS inserts with graphite (λ=0.035 W/m2K) in the lower part of the frame to enhance thermal insulation.

Certified quality products

Our customers’ satisfaction essentially depends on their expectations and our ability to keep our promises. Certification is one way of ensuring we can keep our promises and satisfy product-related expectations.
MD System has passed demanding certification tests, achieving the standards required by PassiveHouse Certification (*).

Shed some light on your relaxation

The special reduced sash, with a height of only 70 mm, allows more space for the glazed surface and more light in internal spaces, without affecting the high performance of the window. MD System is available with and without a fitted roller shutter, which maintains high performance thanks to its insulated roller shutter box.

Choose the right thickness for you

The special serration included in the frame allows solid and adjustable fitting on surfaces with a depth of up to 300 mm. In practice, this range can be fitted in any window opening without the need for costly alterations.

Certified acoustic insulation

39 dB on the version with box and 42 dB without box.